Contrary Women in the ESV, Coming Out Egalitarian, and the Curse of Gender Hierarchy

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Women in the Church News and Links 2

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Contrary Women: Genesis 3:16b in the (now non-)Permanent ESV from Theological Miscellany

“My purpose here is not to conjecture about the reasons or motivations for the ESV’s revision, but instead, to set out a few reasons why I find the translation problematic, and to suggest an alternative. I hope that with the recent reversal of its decision to cement the ESV, the ESV committee will also consider reversing their translation.

There are several stylistic, grammatical, and literary problems with this translation.”

The One About Coming Out as Egalitarian from Matchless Marie

“Unbeknownst to me at the time, my egalitarian journey actually started a long time ago. For me it was on a summer morning in 2002. I was having a candid conversation with a friend at the Summer discipleship program at my church. Even at 13 I knew something was not quite right with how us teenage girls were indoctrinated to view “our place” as women.

How is it that during the fancy-free Summer that two bubbly girls can talk optimistically about our futures in ministry just short of approaching the elephant in the room? I never realized the thinking aloud musings of a 13 year old girl would come to a halt at the mention of the taboo title of ‘pastor’.

Like the scratching of a needle on vinyl, the raising of my friend’s eyebrow followed up by ‘Don’t you mean pastor’s wife?’ was the moment the scales fell from my eyes and I was heartbroken, seeing for the first time that gender would even be an issue among Christians (of all people).”

I Care about Gender Hierarchy Because… from The Broken Curse

“Men ruling over women is the literal curse of woman. Complementarian thinking brings the curse into our churches and homes and says, ‘This is the way God wants it.’ It’s a terrible lie that bears rotten fruit in this world. Complementarianism sets the perfect conditions for abuse to flourish in Jesus’ name. And that is why I care so much.

Because Jesus broke the curse and freed us, men and women, from having to live this way. It is for freedom that He has set us free! We are all to live in submission to each other! We are to follow the example of our Savior and leave our positions of power and lay our lives down for each other in humility and deep love. We are to break the chains of oppression and set the captives free!”


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